In my career as a translator and interpreter I have worked with a wide range of clients. Over the years I have come to specialise in marketing translations. As a marketing translator, I get to help international brands succeed in the Russian-speaking target markets.

Here are some projects I have worked on:




  • Website of a luxury jewellery brand (English-Russian)
  • Press releases, catalogues, articles and internal training materials for a range of 30+ European luxury brands (English-Russian, French-Russian, German-Russian)
  • Website of a UK business psychology consultancy (English-Russian)
  • Website of an international laundry detergent manufacturer (English-Russian)
  • Website of an Italian city hosting a major international event (English-Russian)
  • Marketing brochure for a European MBA programme (English-Russian)
  • Marketing brochures for several UK boarding schools (English-Russian)

Travel & tourism

  • Website of a tourist centre in Norway (English-Russian)
  • Articles and editorials for a major Russian airline’s in-flight magazine (Russian-English)
  • Online check-in service for a major Russian airline (English-Russian)
  • Cooperation agreements for ski resorts and hotels (French-Russian)


  • User interface and content for a pregnancy app, a baby app and an app analysing baby cries (English-Russian)

Business & finance

  • Client presentations and proposals for an international consultancy (English-Russian)
  • Training materials for a post-graduate course in finance and management (English-Russian)
  • Financial reports based on IFRS and IAS standards (Russian-English, English-Russian)

Green Building

  • BREEAM standard checklists, agreements, presentations (English-Russian)
  • Reports on green building standards (English-Russian)
  • Web content for a Russian green building organisation (English-Russian, Russian-English)


  • Educational materials and articles on climate change (English-Russian)
  • Press releases for an energy efficiency programme (German-Russian)


  • Press releases, articles and presentation on campaign identity for a UK NGO (English-Russian)
  • Report on forest fires for an international environmental organisation (Russian-English, pro bono)

Art & design

  • Articles and tutorials for a Russian magazine on photography and graphic design during 6 years (English-Russian)
  • Catalogue for a stone carving exhibition (Russian-English)
  • Webpage of a London-based art gallery (English-Russian)


  • Large editing project on luxury cruises – over 100,000 words! (English-Russian)
  • Reports and white papers on leadership for a top provider of executive education (English-Russian)


  • Interpreting for Russian-speaking NHS patients, Bristol, UK
  • Accompanying social workers on visits, Swindon and Gloucester, UK (2014)
  • Northern Ireland business mission to Moscow, Russia (2014)
  • Press-conferences and interviews at World Chess Cup 2007, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  • Agricultural business forum – B2B meetings and factory tours, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Swedish business mission – B2B meetings, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • UK Education Exhibitions, British Council, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Fundraising workshops at the Philarmonic Hall, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Seminars and conferences on Lean manufacturing, Ekaterinburg, Russia