Privacy notice

I take my work seriously and adhere to professional standards. I am registered with the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

This Privacy Notice outlines why I collect personal data, how I use it and what data security measures I have in place.

The types of personal information I hold

I hold data on my existing and potential clients, as well as colleagues, obtained as part of providing translation and editing services to individuals and companies.

Personal data I collect may include names, postal and email addresses, telephone numbers, ID/tax numbers, payment terms, financial and bank account details (e.g. for issuing invoices). On occasion the documents that I am asked to translate or edit can also contain data relating to natural persons (e.g. birth and marriage certificates).

The purposes of the processing and retention period

I use the information collected from my clients to be able to provide my services. In addition to this, I process data as part of a legal obligation to keep records for tax purposes (for up to 6 tax years as required by HMRC), for contractual purposes and legitimate interest, i. e. for operating my translation business. Where I have been working on a translation project for a client that might contain any personal or sensitive information, the client has the right to contact me with any concerns about how I process personal data and ask for any data to be removed.

IT and data security

I take my work and the security of my clients’ data seriously and I make sure to take appropriate technical measures to guarantee the security of data I process as part of providing my services.

Disclosing your information

I will not disclose personal information to other parties other than when legally required to do so by law.